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Seafront Residences by Aboitiz Land is a breakthrough project in the Philippines’ real estate industry, not just for the developer. It is a one-of-a-kind property development that is designed to realize every Filipino’s dream of having a waterfront home a reality. Hence, the developers and their partners have worked closely together to ensure that they can make that dream come true. The location is unparalleled and it is something that makes the properties in this exclusive community highly sought after. However, the amenities available within this community will also make it sustainable. You won’t have to go elsewhere to fulfill your basic needs (from your daily essentials to leisure) since you have everything you could need within this housing development.

When determining what amenities to offer within this Seafront Residences in Batangas, Aboitiz Land thought in mind what kind of community they wanted to foster. Your ability to enhance the quality of life in Seafront Residences goes beyond the elegant seaside home designs. They wanted to provide the homeowners an abundance of amenities to enjoy various active and leisure activities – whichever suits your lifestyle.

The commitment to honor nature and open spaces is evident with the abundance of parks available throughout this residential seaside community. There are numerous diamond-shaped linear parks sprinkled all throughout the community. These parks are designed to be easily accessible from nearly every home to encourage homeowners to take leisurely walks or take their kids into the park to relish in the lush surroundings of the natural environment.

Another notable amenity available to the residents of Seafront Residences is the multi-purpose hall. This is a fully-equipped function hall that is open for use by the residents. You can therefore use it as a venue for specialized functions such as birthday celebrations, reunions, and other special occasions or celebrations. In addition to this venue hall, there are also various swimming pool facilities available at Seafront Residences. If you do not feel like going into the ocean, there are pools available at the east and west villages. Therefore, you can take a relaxing dip at the pool wherever you may be in the master-planned community. It is a great way to socialize with other community members or to have a relaxing start to your weekend.

A beachfront clubhouse is also built within this community at Seafront Residences. When you are done with your morning jog, or you simply want to sit back and watch the sunset, there is no better place for that than the clubhouse. You can also use the clubhouse for get-togethers with friends or family. The clubhouse’s ideal location provides astonishing views of the oceanfront.

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Within the clubhouse, there are a host of other world-class amenities to reinforce the luxurious lifestyle that Seafront Residences had to offer. The list of amenities available at the clubhouse includes the following: function rooms, lounge pool, kiddie pool, shower rooms, changing rooms, function rooms, board room, restaurant, outdoor playground, and an indoor kiddie play area. On top of that, there are several commercial spaces located throughout the exclusive community to make it convenient for homeowners to do the grocery or some shopping.

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